15 Must Have Tips For Effective Email Marketing

There are pros and cons to e-mail marketing campaigns both from the point of view of the sender and of the recipient. e-mail is a fast, easy, inexpensive way to disperse information to a wide and varied audience, so it should be an excellent marketing tool that will guarantee senders of e-mails lots of good leads and business.

Unfortunately, recipients of e-mail often find themselves wading through hundreds of e-mails daily from people they don’t even know about things they are not the least bit concerned with. Therefore, lots of e-mails get deleted without so much as the subject line being read.

Luckily, there are many things you can do to design and distribute a great e-mail marketing campaign that will be much less likely to be spontaneously jettisoned. Here are 15 complete and comprehensive tips for creating the most successful e-mail marketing campaign ever!

#1. Establish yourself as being a trustworthy human being by using a genuine name. It may not be your actual, real-life name, but make it a normal sounding name that you use consistently to conduct honest business online.

#2. Only send e-mails to people you know who have expressed an interest in hearing from you. Establish a user-friendly opt-in function on your website to allow people to inform you if they do or don’t want to be included in your e-mail marketing campaigns.

#3. Create more than one e-mail marketing list if you deliver different products to different groups of people. If you lump everyone together, that’s just how they’ll feel, and they’ll opt-out of your e-mails in droves.

#4. Make opting out of your e-mails easy and user friendly. If your subscriber doesn’t encounter a lot of hassle leaving, s/he is more likely to come back.

#5. Make sure your subject lines are pertinent, respectful and to-the-point. Your recipient should know the e-mail is from you, know what it’s about, feel curious to know more and not be offended by any part of your subject line.

#6. Create consistent, constant lead flow. Remember, not everybody you send an e-mail to will open it. Some of your established subscribers will lose interest, no matter how interesting, pertinent and appealing your e-mails are. You must continue generating leads and increasing your list of e-mail recipients.

#7. E-mail frequently! One targeted, pertinent e-mail every 2-3 days is a pretty good schedule.

#8. Send short e-mails providing nuggets of valuable information and an enticing call to action. Include valuable, interesting links for your recipients to click to find out more about what you have to offer. Make it easy for your recipient to read your e-mails by organizing your information with bullet points or numbering.

#9. Leave out fancy graphics. People with slow computers will not appreciate them. If you do include an image, also include a text description to make it easy for people whose computers misbehave.

#10. Don’t add attachments. Many people just delete e-mails with attachments for fear of viruses and malware.

#11. Make your interesting, valuable offers available for a limited specified time period. Include a link that acts as a call to action to help your readers take advantage of your great opportunities.

#12. Call your reader by name or don’t call him/her anything at all. If you can begin your e-mail with a personalized salutation, that’s best. If not, just leave it off. Don’t call your readers “Dear Friend” or some such. It makes them feel like another anonymous number on your list.

#13. Use “word-of-mouse” advertising! Include a sharable icon in each of your e-mails to make it easy for your potential customers to share the information with their friends.

#14. Include your contact information beneath your signature so that your subscribers can contact you easily with questions and concerns.

#15. Pay close attention to e-mail analytics. No matter what program or software you use, you should be watching for information about the number of e-mails that were opened, your most frequently clicked links, the number of shares with individuals and social networks, and most importantly, the number of sales conversions.

So there you have it! The most comprehensive list of e-mail marketing tips online today! Go forth and market!

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