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The Small Business Marketing Network is a site dedicated specifically for those of us in the world of marketing, whether you’re someone who works in a business for someone else and you’re in charge of the marketing, or you’re an individual and run a company that provides marketing services for others.

As marketers, we know that if you have any type of business, and I do mean ANY type of business – there’s one thing it must have…


I know for some folks out there this word may send chills down their spine.  But you and I know that it’s the marketing that makes any business grow. I call it being the ‘Rain Maker’.

So, if you’re a ‘rain maker’, this is a place where we can all share ideas, what we did, what’s working, and even promote ourselves a little.

We have developed the site on a WordPress platform for obvious reasons, like content management and SEO, so do make sure you link your bio back to your web site.

What the Small Business Marketing Network is not…

This is not going to be just another junk article directory, far from it… All contributors will be vetted. Meaning, as a contributor you must first register and submit your bio and photo.

Someone from our staff will review your bio, visit your website, and may follow up with you via email to confirm you are who you say you are. So no fake (pen) names or email addresses… OK?

This is not a place for blatant self-promotion… If you have a well-constructed bio, include your contact information and contribute good stuff, good stuff will follow.

Also, this is not the place post countless stupid articles filled with affiliate hop links… There are plenty of those websites already, use them.

I have nothing against affiliate marketing, and if you know of a solid product or resource that will actually help the community, by-all-means… Contribute a solid well thought out article and include your affiliate link if you’d like. But if every contribution you make has an affiliate link in it, we will just remove your contributions privileges and delete all your articles.

So, put your best foot forward… become a contributor, fill out your bio and tell everyone a little about yourself, if you’re a marketer.

My friend Joel Comm uses this line a lot in his signature – Do Good Stuff… And I so agree with him.

Something you may be interested in is this…

There will be three ads basically on every page, a top banner and two side [300×250] banner ads, and if you’d like to purchase this ad space you can – cheap. Really cheap… Like as low as 83 cents a month cheap!

Here’s how it works – With every contribution you make or marketing job post you make, you have first option to claim the three ads spaces I mentioned. If you choose not to claim them, then they go on the open market and are available to anyone.

If you just want to purchase ad space, and you don’t want to post an article or anything, that’s fine as well. Just click on the Advertising tab and you’ll see what’s available. Pretty simple.

All the best,


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