Lori Mize

Lori Mize

I became involved in business valuation when I began working as a valuation analyst GCF Valuation (formerly Gulf Coast Financial), in 2002. BankerValuation.com was developed to meet the needs of GCF’s third-party business valuation clients (primarily SBA Lenders for 7A loans) who were in need of a user-friendly and more importantly accurate, business valuation program to help estimate a company’s value.


In 2005, we decided to separate BankerValuation.com from GCF Valuation and I have been running the company ever since. Over the years, our program has been used by many of the nation’s top lenders.  The program is endorsed by The National Association of Guaranteed Government Lenders (NAGGL) and the report generated by the program is accepted by the SBA to meet the internal valuation requirement. The program is used by many community banks, credit unions and by other SBA service providers as well.


BankerValuation is commonly used as a prescreening tool for SBA 7A loans of almost any size and its valuation meets the SBA’s requirement for internal business valuations for loans $250,000 and under.


In 2009 GCF Valuation launched a web-based version of our internal database of over 7,000 SBA transactions comparables. PeerComps.com was created to provide valuation professionals, intermediaries, buyers and sellers with the most reliable information possible on comparable transactions for small businesses.


Reliable data must come from reliable and unbiased sources. Our transaction data has been gathered from national, regional and local SBA lenders across the United States. The data encompasses all major industry classifications.


Please contact me at lmize@bankervaluation or lori@peercomps.com or visit the websites directly, if you are interested in subscribing to either site.

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