Kathy Dowsett

Kathy Dowsett

Besides diving, I do work part-time in retail, love swimming, collecting old "rock and roll" music, golfing, cooking, and searching for old shipwrecks. I am an environmentist, against plastic bags and the selling of bottled water. Supporter of Diving for the Disabled, Save Our Sharks, and Save our Sea Turtles. Owner and operator of kirkscubagear, located in London, Ontario Canada.
After getting my Open Water Certification in diving, I decided to open an online business to offer divers reasonable priced and good quality scuba gear.
My business started out small, but has rapidly grown with more products and the addition of outdoor products. Diving and my business are my passion.
Products include scuba/dive gear, snorkeling, freediving and swimming product to appeal to wide range of "water people"
Take the plunge!!!
Kathy Dowsett

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