10 Ideas for Promoting Your Online Events

In my last article, I listed ten ideas for business events on your blog or website and in this article, I would like to offer ideas for promoting those events.   By holding various events on your blog or website you are giving people an incentive for visiting your website and you are also stirring up

10 Event Ideas to Boost Your Blog Traffic

In the business world, an event is a public gathering for the purpose of networking and/or marketing.  Holding events on your blog or website can help give your traffic a substantial boost.  By holding different events, you bring more life and interaction to your blog which in turn will bring more traffic. Contests and giveaways

10 Clever Online Advertising Strategies

According to Wikipedia, advertising is a form of communication for marketing and used to encourage, persuade, or manipulate an audience (viewers, readers or listeners; sometimes a specific group) to continue or take some new action.  More simply put, advertising is letting people know about your business and showing them you have the solution.  Advertising began

Why is Visual Marketing So Important?

Visual marketing is the use of images, colors, video, signs and symbols to get potential customers to become attracted to your products and/or services.  Studies by the 3M Corporation have shown that we process visuals 60,000 times faster than text.  Thus, using visual marketing will communicate your message to your potential customers much faster and

How to Build an Active List Using Social Media

Social media and email marketing are two powerful business tools and if you bring them together you could greatly improve your marketing response.  It was once thought that social media might replace email as a marketing medium but people began to realize that combining the two could bring greater results for their marketing efforts.  Social

The 10 Rules of Social Networking

Social networking is the process of making connections and building a network, one person at a time.  You make a connection with one person and you are then exposed to all their connections and so on and so on.  Social networking has been practiced for centuries but the development of the internet has enabled social

Top 10 Social Media Marketing Tips for 2013

Many social media sites started out as personal sites but social media marketing has become one of the most powerful online strategies for businesses, online and offline. In 2002, Friendster was launched in the U.S and then in 2003 MySpace began. Next to be launched was Facebook in 2004.  Facebook was originally started for students

10 Tips for More Resource Box Clicks

For article marketers it’s all about providing helpful quality information so people will want to visit our sites for more of the same.  But, if we don’t also produce an effective resource box, we could lose a lot of those clicks.  The resource box, which can also be called About the Author or Author’s Bio,

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