3 High-Impact Fixes For Your Marketing Woes

How many times has your competitor gotten one over on you? The feeling of being left behind just eats away, until you do something about. The problem is that we often feel that we’ve got to come up with some grand plan in order to get our business skyrocketing again. Don’t be fooled! Getting back

Blast Your Way Out Of A Slump With 4 Simple Tactics

Every business goes through a “slump.” Hey, you’ve been raking in the bucks when… blam, you’re up against a brick wall. The customers seem to have forgotten you exist, and the bills pile up. Don’t despair… you’re not alone. I know that doesn’t fix one thing for you right now, but find comfort in the

10 Tips for a Spider Friendly Website

What exactly is a spider?  Electronic spiders, also known as bots or crawlers, are how the search engines find your site.  These spiders are sent out on a mission to find information on the millions of websites that exist.  These spiders crawl through the web making lists of words found on websites.  These words are

Small Ads Produce Dynamic Results: 4 Steps to Exploding Your Market With Small Ads

Dynamite comes in small packages… or in small ads in the marketing realm. Our natural instincts scream that BIGGER IS BETTER! Is it really true? Sure, the small advertisement doesn’t have the luxury to of listing all of the benefits and cementing the deal. It does whet the reader’s appetite for more information and clearly

4 Step Dynamic Sales Letters

You, like all marketers have a million and one things to do today! At the top of your priorities is marketing… finding more customers and raking in greater profits. If you’re looking for a simple, proven model to create sales content without spending hours hunched over the computer, try the AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action)

10 Steps to Effective Relationship Marketing

Relationship marketing is a much more effective method of building a business than the typical pushy salesman approach.  Making the sale should not be your immediate goal.  Connecting with your prospect and building a relationship is what should be foremost in your marketing strategy.  You want to accomplish a long-term relationship with your customer not

Market Testing The Key to Advertising Success

Market testing is the key to increasing the effectiveness of your advertising campaign. If you’re like me, just the word testing makes your shoulders slump and a groan escape your lips. Hey, it’s really not that bad… especially when you notice the substantial increase in your bank account! Think about it… how much profit is

3 Effective Tactics Every Business Should Implement

Do you remember your first day as a business owner? You were probably just like the rest of us… pretty darned happy and bit on the proud side. Yeah, back then we thought we could conquer the world. Now we’re too busy conquering our own little corner of the world to pay a lot of

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