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10 Places to Find Potential Customers

Building a successful online business is no easy task.  It takes hard work, time
and commitment.  As we all know, the success of a business is dependent on its
customers who keep the business alive.  Finding these customers is not always
easy.  You might have the best product or service available but unless you can
target and find the customers you need, your business will go nowhere.

Online shopping has continually become more popular.  Over 80% of the nation
 has shopped online and no doubt, that number will continue to rise.  Over the
last ten years the annual dollar amount spent online has risen by over two billion!

In a perfect business world, customers would be readily available to purchase our products and/or services but in the real world, we must seek them out and show
them that our company is the one they should patronize.  Below are ten places,
online and offline, you can effectively utilize to find and bring in those potential

1. Message Boards –These boards are forums where you can engage in discussions
with other board members.  This is a great place to offer advice, knowledge in your
area of expertise.  Most boards will allow you to use a signature with your link so
be sure not to blatantly advertise in your posts.  Get involved in the discussions
and help whenever you can.  Building your reputation and relationships in this
manner is a powerful way to find and capture those potential customers.  To find
such boards to join you can check out Big Boards.

2. Article Directories – The internet is full of article directories of all kinds.  Be
choosy when submitting your articles.  Unfortunately many of the article directories
are loaded with spam articles.  One of the most popular is Ezine Articles.  By
submitting your articles to quality directories you are showing people who you
are and what your business is about.  If you provide quality information in your
articles people will go to your site and once they get there you need to keep them
there long enough for them to become a patron. 

3. Discussion Groups – Discussion groups are similar to message boards.  Follow
the same practices as you do on the boards. Participate, help, share and grab
those potential customers.  You can find many quality discussion groups at
LinkedIn or Yahoo Groups.

4. Search Engines – Search engines are actually places that can help you get
potential customers to come to you!  Use keywords wisely.  Regularly update
your site.  Work on getting quality backlinks to your site.  Have a site map on
your site.  Add quality content to your site.  Use those strategies and many more
 to get higher rankings in the search engines so you can get more customers.

5. Blogs – Visiting other blogs and interacting with people is another effective
way to let people know about you and your business.  Don’t just post comments
like “I agree” or “Me too”, you need to get involved in the conversation and provide
some substance.

6. Web Directories – Get your site listed in as many appropriate directories as
possible.  People use these directories to find the sites they need so make sure
your site is among them. 

7. Online Events – Many business owners throw different types of online events
and by participating in these events you increase your exposure, thus increasing
your chances of finding more customers.

8. Social Sites – According to a study by Nielsen.com, almost 50% of global online
shoppers rely on social media sites to help them make their purchasing decision.
It is stats like this that should convince you to get active on the social sites, if you
are not already.  Social sites produce more results than many other marketing
methods.  The biggest social media site is Facebook, followed by Twitter, LinkedIn
and Pinterest.  So, those are the ones with which to start. 

9. Community Events – Even though you own an online business you can look
offline to find customers as well.   Get involved in your community’s events. 
Network, interact and let people know about your business.

10. Right at Home – Home parties and networking get-togethers are a great way
to meet and greet new potential customers.  Plan your parties and get-togethers
very carefully as to make them interesting and memorable.  Offer prices, gifts,
discounts and let your potential customers know how important they are to you.

Customers, even the difficult ones, are to be treated with respect at all times. 
Honestly show them why they should come to you for the solutions they need. 
Do not treat them like children or coddle them with false promises.  They will
see through your façade and leave you with your foot stuck in your mouth!


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