Why Every Business Should Use Email Marketing

Email marketing should be at the top of every marketers list, it is one of the easiest and most effective forms of advertising for your business if done correctly. Did you know that to date over 90% of people who use the internet report that they go online to check their email more often than anything else they do online and 50% of business email accounts are checked 6 times per day or more! If you are not using email to promote your business – you certainly should be.

When compared to the more traditional postal marketing, email saves a ton of time and money. There are no expensive postage fees and no costs for designing or printing materials to mail out. Creating a postal marketing campaign can be very labor intensive, whereas creating an email marketing campaign demands far less time. Unlike the snail mail service provided by your local postal service, email goes out instantly to every recipient on your contact list.

The advantage of choosing email marketing over other forms of marketing does not end with offline postal mail campaigns. The turnaround time from launching your campaign to seeing a profit is a lot faster, with over 80% of clicks received in just 3 days. Your return on investment for a good opt in email list is also much higher than banner ads, contextual ads, pay per click, ect. Email marketing works so well because it is personal.

This next statistic might come as a shock to you, but on average a potential client will look at your product or service 7 times before deciding if they should buy or not. By using email marketing to build a list of interested contacts instead of simply taking a chance on a one time encounter, for example your website visitors, you can send out numerous emails on your product or service getting it in front of their eyeballs over and over – creating a desire to buy!

Staying in touch with your current customers through follow up mailings once they have already bought a product from you can create a very reliable income stream. You know what they are interested in based on what they have purchased from you and can offer them up sells or similar products through email.

If you decide to turn your email list into a monthly or weekly newsletter you can earn nice additional income from your email marketing by selling advertising space inside your newsletter or even offering solo email campaigns. This can get you repeat orders month after month.

As a final note there is a word of caution when deploying any form of email marketing campaign. Be sure that you have permission to email those whom you add to you contact list and that you have an easy way for them to opt out of any further communication should they choose to. Trust me this will save you far more headaches than the few minutes of work it takes to implement.

If you are not using some type of email marketing yet, why not add it to your tool box? It can help you to retain the customers you already have and gain new ones as well.

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Allyn Cutts

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